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Travel Information

The arrival day is the 28th of May 2019. Arriving delegates will be able to access the Summit’s registration in their accommodation place. The registration on that day will be closed an hour before the Opening Ceremony (around 6 – 7 pm local time). Late coming delegates will be able to register on the spot, during the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Dinner. Those who arrive the next day will be able to register at the venue through Summit’s volunteers.

The Departure date is scheduled for the 1st of June in the morning. Make sure to take into consideration the arrival and the departure days while purchasing your tickets.

NOTE! You can arrive to Hong-Kong a couple of days earlier or stay couple of days longer to see around or to travel. However, this should be done at your own expenses.

Getting to Hong-Kong

By Plane

Hong Kong is a key aviation hub serviced by more than 100 airlines that provide connections to major cities throughout the world. Your gateway to the city is the 24-hour Hong Kong International Airport, which is consistently ranked among the best airports in the world. You can get flight and airport information by downloading the ‘HKG My Flight’ app to find the most appropriate airlines travelling to and from your location.

By Coach

If you are travelling to Hong-Kong from Mainland China, cross-boundary coach can be one of the options. There are cross-boundary coach services via the five major road-based land crossings in Hong Kong: Shenzhen Bay Port, Lok Ma Chau, Man Kam To, Sha Tau Kok and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

More information is available here:

By Ferry

Alternative to cross-boundary coach could be a ferry. Hong Kong is linked to a number of ports in Mainland China by high-speed ferries servicing Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Hong Kong International Airport (off Lantau Island). Get more information here:

By Train

It’s possible to visit Hong Kong from cities in Mainland China by both high speed trains and regular intercity train services.

Visitors can take a high speed train to Hong Kong from numerous cities in Mainland China. The 26 km “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong” High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) runs from West Kowloon and connects passengers to the national high speed rail network, which is over 25,000 km long. Visitors can travel directly between Hong Kong and 44 destinations in Mainland China, including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and Kunming.

To explore the details, please visit following page:

The organizers of the event will take care of your daily transportation from the hotel to the venue and back. Other options of the transportation will be communicated with selected participants through e-mails.