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Hong Kong welcomes you with an iconic skyline, a legendary kitchen, and lush, protected nature where rare birds and colourful traditions thrive. If you are wondering what to do in Hong-Kong prior or after the Summit, here are all the suggestions in one list:


You will visit Hong-Kong in the end of May which is considered to be the beginning of the rainy season with the average daily temperature ranging from 24°C (75 °F) to 31°C (87 °F).  The humidity level will be around 80 to 95%. Please take an umbrella and/or a raincoat.

If you are a pollen allergy sufferer, be aware many flowers bloom in May in Hong Kong: glaucous climbing bauhinia, bleeding heart vine, flame tree, lotus, etc. If needed, please prepare a mask or take some medicine.


The legal tender in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), which is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of about 7.80 HKD to 1 USD, although exchange rates may fluctuate slightly. While coins are issued by the Government, interestingly, the issue of Hong Kong banknotes are shared between three commercial banks: HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of China. These notes vary in design and colour according to denomination. Find more on Hong Kong’s coins and banknotes here.